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White Tenerife Sea Charter

If you are going to spend a few days holiday in Tenerife, or are resident here, do not miss for anything in the world a trip by boat, to sail or motor, along our wonderful coast. White Tenerife Sea Charter puts to your disposal, from Puerto Colon Marina, five modern boats, fully equipped, to make excursions, charter maritime or events in the most spectacular areas of the island. Ideal for those who prefer the comfort, exclusivity and personalized attention, we sail with the purpose that you fully enjoy the experience. You can see whales, dolphins and giant tortoises in their natural habitat, have a swim in crystal clear waters or snorkel in remote coves. An on-board catering service will accompany the journey so that you do not lack anything.


Private Charter. Excursions. Events in modern and comfortable yacht. Journey to La Gomera and other islands. Sunset from the sea. Snorkel and swim in crystal clear waters. Very special celebrations...

White Tenerife Sea Charter
Web: http://tenerifeseacharter.com/
Mail: hola@tenerifeseacharter.com
Phone: 662 20 04 41
Puerto Colón Marina - Costa Adeje


Come aboard the BIG SMILE and spend an unforgettable day as a couple, with your family or friends. This 15 meters long sailing yacht is prepared to offer you a place full of luxury and an exclusive detailed service.

An excursion to see the whales, snorkel at the best beaches, sunbathe while enjoying an exclusive catering service or simply watch an amazing sunset  accompanied with an exquisite glass of wine or glass of champagne, these are just some of the sensations that you can experiment on Big Smile.

Phone: +34 654 615 701
Puerto Colón, Pantalán 2, 38660, Adeje.

Email: bigsmilecharters@gmail.com   
Web: www.bigsmilecharters.com   


Puerto Colón - Pantalán 3
Costa Adeje (Adeje)
Descripción: Excursiones en barco y charter privado. Avistamiento de cetáceos, fondeo en calas o bahías para baño o practica de snorkel, etc... 
Tel:609 626 431 


Shackleton Canarias S.L.
Puerto Colón - Pantalán 0 amarre 418
Ofrece salidas de ½ día y día completo por la costa suroeste (salidas desde Puerto Colón), ida y vuelta a La Gomera en el día. Barco habilitado para 12 pasajeros de modo que la atención es totalmente personalizada.
Tel.: 902 995 385 - 617 663 425


Catamaran with underwater viewing ports. Departures from Puerto Colon in Costa Adeje.
Tickets: 900 700 709 FREE
Tel. 922 750 085 - 922 385 116 ; Fax 922 751 041
Email: reservas@tenerifedolphin.com 
Website: www.tenerifedolphin.com/


Excursión con inmersión en alta mar con escafandra para ver los fondos marinos.
Salidas desde Puerto Colón en Costa Adeje.
Tel. 670 83 95 16
Email: info@bob-diving.com


Catamarán para avistar ballenas y delfines.
Salidas desde Puerto Colón en Costa Adeje.
Tel. 922 71 45 00 
Email: info@bonadea2catamaran.com ; bonadea2@telefonica.net 
Website: www.bonadea2catamaran.com


Sea trips along the south-west coast of Tenerife in search of pilot whales and dolphins. There is time for a swim in a quiet cove with a sandy beach. Sailings from the port of Los Cristianos.
Email: info@mardeons-tenerife.com
Tel. 922 751 576  ; Fax 922 751 765
Website: www.mardeons-tenerife.com/

 CCB YACHT CHARTERS TENERIFE S.L.                                                                                        
Sea trips aboard luxury sailing yachts and catamarans. Limited numbers to guarantee your comfort on board. We also charter sailing yachts with or without crew.
Offices: Puerto Colon Marina - Local 5B (Costa Adeje)
Tel. 922 715 404  ; Fax 922 714 408


Puerto Colón Marina - Costa Adeje
Email : info@pokerchipcharter.com
Phone: 616 971 613


Sea trips in search of the pilot whale colony. Sailings from Puerto Colon (Costa Adeje)


Half and full day cruises, sailings from Puerto Colon, aboard a catamaran. Boarding at jetty number 9, Puerto Colon.
Information and bookings: Canaries Charter Sailing - Puerto Colon - Costa Adeje.
Telf.: 922 750 799  ; 922 795 671  Fax: 922 797 574


Trip aboard the Odyssee 3 in search of pilot whales, which can be seen underwater thanks to the viewing ports on this vessel. Sailings from the port of Los Cristianos.
Day-time cruise: duration 2 hours.
Night time cruise: duration 1 hour.
Telf: : 922 752 416   ; 922 752 716   Fax: 922 75 00 40

Whale and dolphin watching trips. Sailings from the port of Los Cristianos. Swim at La Caleta (Adeje).
Information: Telf. y Fax: 922 794 466


Los Gigantes yacht marina Catamaran with underwater chamber that makes whale and dolphin watching trips (3 hours) and dolphin watching trips (2 hours). Also for walkers returning from Masca beach to Los Gigantes (for hikers descending the ravine from Masca to the coast).
Tel. 922 861 9188  ; 922 860 726 
Website: Nashira Uno
Email: info@maritimaacantilados.com


Avda. Marítima, 15 - Edif. Las Palmeras
38683 Puerto Santiago
Tel. 922 862 120 - 922 867 049
Website: Flipper Uno


Los Gigantes yacht marina
Glass bottom boat for whale and dolphin watching. Also for returning from Masca beach to Los Gigantes (for hikers that descend the ravine from Masca to the coast)
Tel. 922 860 671  ; 922 860 441  ; 616 597 011 

Sailings from the port of Los Cristianos.
Tel. 922 790 650   ; Fax 922 292 282

Sail Catamaran. Sailings from Puerto Colón (Costa Adeje).
Tel. 922 713 992  ; Fax: 922 716 553
Website: Maxicat

Sail boat with departures from Puerto Colon in Costa Adeje.
Tel. 922 798 044 
Web: http://www.barcostenerife.com/ 

Boat and yacht charter. Water skiing, Jet Skis; Parascending.
Escuela Náutica de Puerto Colón.
38660 Costa Adeje
Tel. 922 714 034  ; Fax 922 714 967


You now have the chance to do something different while enjoying the beauty of the sea, riding the waves, water skiing, diving along the wonderful coasts of the archipelago, and to spend an unforgettable day with your friends and family on the wide range of beaches the island offers. That is why the Canary Island Ski School is providing a boat hire service, with or without crew.
c/Miraflores Local 13. Edf. Orquídea
38003 - Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Tfno: 922 240 559   ; Fax: 922 246 321 ; Mobile phone: 607 684 600 
Website: www.eccyacht.com/
E-mail: info@eccyacht.com
Ski School:
Theory-practical classes with maximum group size of 4 students. Duration: 2 Hours per day for 5 days.
- Week-end (2 weekends)
- Monday to Friday (mornings or afternoons)
Boat Hire: By the hour / 1/2 day / full day
Equipment Hire


Sailings from Los Cristianos – underwater viewing ports.
Tel. 922 751 576  ; Fax: 922 751 765
Email: info@mardeons-tenerife.com
Website: www.mardeons-tenerife.com/

Tel. 922 798 044 
Web: http://www.barcostenerife.com/  

Los Cristianos
Tel. 609 429 887 

SUBMARINE "Sub Fun Cinco"

The actual dive will take approx. one hour. This includes boarding and disembarking the submarine. Each dive carries a tour guide who will give a comprehensive explanation about the dive and submarine.
Departures: San Miguel Marina.
Submarine Safaris SL
Galeria Comercial Aguamarina - Avda. del Atlántico No.6
Urb.Golf del Sur - 38620 San Miguel de Abona.
Phone 922 73 66 29 - Fax 922 73 66 37
Email: tenerife@submarinesafaris.com
Web: www.submarinesafaris.com

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White Tenerife Sea Charter
White Tenerife Sea Charter