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Bajamar y Punta del Hidalgo


Bajamar, belonging to the borough of La Laguna and only three kilometres from Tejina, is a picturesque coastal village with a lovely climate and many attractions for enjoying the Ocean.

It has been the traditional summer residence for many of the islanders, especially for the inhabitants of La Laguna. It also offers a limited hotel and self-catering capacity.

The dynamic force of the Atlantic recycles the waters of the sea-water pools built along the coast in a natural fashion. There is a walk way along the coast, from Punta Hidalgo to the swimming pools and the small beach that has been created next to the dyke.

The road to Bajamar carries on along the coast as far as Punta del Hidalgo. The varied landscape of the coast makes it highly attractive; this includes Arenal beach, next to Bajamar, with black sand or pebbles, depending on the time of year.

The road continues to a look out over the coast, offering a panoramic view of the Dos Hermanos rocks and the light house.

Punta del Hidalgo has a municipal swimming pool in the coastal district of Los Arensicos. There are many coves and pools along the coast line, especially in the area of Las Furnias.

Hotel and self-catering capacity is limited.

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