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Mueca Festival

MUECA Festival

MUECA Festival floods each corner of Puerto de la Cruz with street art  from , 2023. It brings those who walk the streets of this beautiful city the latest scenic shows, that spring from theatres to streets.
Unusual characters, jugglers, acrobats, dancers, musicians... will become new inhabitants of this city, capital of tourism, for three days. Puerto de la Cruz indulges its visitors with a great cultural offer and gives a new dimension to residents’ social life.
Streets, parks, streetlamps, paving stones and any urban element become stage, properties and silent protagonists of the greatest street show in the Canary Islands. Few places are suitable for this type of festivals as much as Puerto de la Cruz. Its charming corners and streets enrich and are enriched by the MUECA Festival shows. See you there! Enjoy yourself!

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Mueca Festival
Mueca Festival