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Thermophile Forest


The transitional strip between the lower xerophylic zone and the mountain zone is situated directly below the sea of clouds, giving it far greater humidity, less sunshine and milder temperatures than in the lowland areas.

These weather conditions have favoured the growth of a forest made up of a just a few species of trees, in groves of palms, junipers, globularia, holly, etc.

The most abundant plants include dragon trees, pistacias, murmulano (Sideroxilon marmulano), spindle trees, etc. along with many other interesting endemic species of small shrubs and herbaceous plants: Canary spindle tree (Maytenus canariensis), Canary tree bindweed (Convolvulus floridus), spiny buckthorn (Rhamnus crenulata), Canary tree mallow (Lavatera acerifolia), groundsel (Senecio Echinatus).


There is a great diversity of invertebrates, with insects and spiders predominating. The Vanessa vulcania butterfly is frequently seen in this area. Vertebrates include insectivorous birds such as the Sardinian warbler and the blackcap.

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Dragon Tree (Icod)
Dragon Tree - Icod de los Vinos