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Pine forest


Above the laurel forest, the air is dryer, solar radiation increases and day-time and seasonal temperatures are more variable, although there can be frost and snows during the winter. These are the weather conditions in which the pine forest grows in Tenerife, where it grows up to an altitude of 2000 m.

This ecosystem is relatively poor in terms of flora; there is only one species of tree, the Canary Pine, and a few bushes and shrubs, including tree heath and wax myrtle in the more humid areas, and brooms and rock roses in the dryer areas.


The fauna is also lacking in variety. There is a predominance of invertebrates, which are more frequently found in the pine trees than in the soil, as there is a greater variety of habitats there. Almost the only vertebrates are a few species of birds, inluding the blue chaffinch and the greater spotted woodpecker.

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Blue chaffinch
Blue chaffinch