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Mushrooms are abundant in the forests of Tenerife, some are very succulent and others highly poisonous. We recommend they should only be picked by an expert.

Edible varieties include: Boletus edulis (pine forests), Suillus granulatus (autumn), Hydnum repandum (winter), Agaricus campestris (succulent, in autumn and winter), Lactarius deliciosus (pine forests), Lactarius sanguifluus (only edible after cooking), Stropharina aeroginosa (green, autumn and winter), Collybia butyracea (small, in autumn), Tricholoma flavovirens (pine forests), Lyophyllum decastes (in groups, winter).

The highly poisonous ones: Amanita muscaria (red top with white spots), Amanita pantherina (in laurel forest), Lepiota cristata (in autumn, horrible smell), Clitocybe clavipes (deadly with alcohol).

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Amanita muscaria
Amanita muscaria