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Bavarian Week and Beer Festival

The Bavarian Festivity has its origin in the year 1973, when the Tourism and Initiative Centre of Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife (CIT), decides to invite an Bavarian orchestra, to give several concerts in the town. Because of this, the group from the town Leinach was contacted, which was the brass band “Lustigen Ederländer”. This nice experience was repeated two years later, being the real start of a cultural exchange which still remains nowadays.

The first Bavarian Festival was celebrated in 1976 in Parque San Francisco. By the pass of the years it has been amplified and diversified to the point when, in the year 1983, a concert of sacre music was held in the church Peña de Francía, an event which is still being celebrated today.

This year The Bavarian Week will start on the 20th and finish on the 30th of August. “The Beer Festival” will be held  on the 30th (Saturday) at 7 pm at La Plaza de Europa (Europe square). The program can be downloaded at this webpage. For many people, this festivity give us the best moment to enjoy the German gastronomy, with German beer and music as the main attraction, in a recreational and holiday time, where tourist and the local people come together.

41 Bavarian Week

20/08/14 - 12:00 h · Concierto en Lago Martiánez
21/08/14 - 21:00 h · Concierto C/.Iriarte - esquina C/.San Juan
22/08/14 - 18:30 h · Pasacalles por la ciudad
23/08/14 - 20:00 h · Concierto en Playa Jardín
24/08/14 - 20:30 h · Concierto en la Iglesia Peña de Francia
27/08/14 - 18:30 h · Tour en Tren Loro Parque
28/08/14 - 21:00 h · Concierto en Av. Colón / Av. Venezuela
29/08/14 - 21:00 h · Concierto en Plaza del Charco

30/08/14 · Saturday: Plaza de Europa · 19:00 h
Beer Festival
Entrance: 10 €
Price includes 1 food and 1 drink and participation in the raffle

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Beer Festival
Beer Festival