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Los Silos

The earliest mention of the feast day in honour of Our Lady of Light, patron saint of Los Silos, dates back to 1722.

At first, the festivities were purely religious, with non-religious events gradually being added over the years. Placing the Virgin onto the throne signalled the beginning of the celebration. A Mass was then held, followed by processions, culminating in the pilgrims’ farewell. Appropriately attired for the occasion, pilgrims came from all over the island on foot, by mule and/or on horseback, staying the night with relatives or exposed to the elements. Since Los Silos was one of the most prosperous towns in the area, large crowds would come from surrounding villages and the programme of activities was tailored to ensure that everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. This feast day soon became the most important in the region.

Nowadays, Los Silos is transformed every September when the streets are filled with festive excitement. A packed programme of activities include firework displays, floral offerings to the Virgin, predications, festivals for kiddies and young people, folk festivals, cultural performances, a procession of floats, bands accompanying giant figures, fishing competitions and board games. The Plaza de la Luz (square) is also the setting for numerous exhibitions, band concerts, music concerts, cinema showings and dances.

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Ntra. Sra. de la Luz
Our Lady of Light