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La Victoria de Acentejo

La Victoria de Acentejo


Location: Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación (the church of Our Lady of the Incarnation), Plaza Rodríguez Lara and Plaza del Ayuntamiento
Telephone:  +34 922 580 031. Fax:  +34 922 580 176.
Organised by: Events Department of Victoria de Acentejo Town Hall
Date: August to September

Feast day: 27 August

Accessibility: Access to the square and church is open to persons with reduced mobility.

Description: One of the most popular festivities in the area. The festivities in honour of the patron saint also include El Día de Las Tradiciones, an event that reflects local customs and attracts a huge crowd. Open-air dances, the pilgrimage procession, pilgrims’ dinner and Baile de Magos or traditional dance provide an ideal setting to showcase the customs of this town of folk musicians par excellence.

Activities: The programme includes religious services, mass and processions, as well as sporting events and street sports, competitions, open-air libraries, story-telling, drawing and painting workshops, children’s activities and parties, cinema, concerts, exhibitions, elections of the queen and Romera Mayor or pilgrim queen, a pilgrimage to Candelaria over the mountains, Acentejo international folk music competition, open-air dances, open-air disco and firework display.

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