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Las Aguas - El Rosario

The path starts at the seaside area of Las Aguas 1, to the right of the swimming pool along an unpaved path which borders the cliff, forming a sort of prolonged balcony to the sea. From the beginning, the track goes along stone walls on the right and goes through a mass of canes, cactus and tamarisks and "tarajales" which at some points constitute a real natural barrier preventing you from actually seeing the Atlantic. As you go on, the track gradually separates from the cliff and you start to see the terraced fields planted with banana trees on both sides. Here a recently renovated area begins, which uses the local pebbles as a decoration, as well as flow er stands with local species, wooden banisters and handrails, old drain pipes, etc. The track leads towards El Rosario area, with its traditional buildings and hermitage, of rectangular plan and stone bell gable. You get to a natural balcony from which you can admire and appreciate a beautiful view of the coast and the mountains (Risco de la Grieta...) ending at Barranco Ruiz, between the town limits of San Juan de la Rambla and Los Realejos. When you are about to finish, you have the view of the mouth of the ravine where banana plantations combine with abandoned fields, and among these the Royal Road goes on towards Rambla de Castro. You may, if you wish, get to the Recreational Area of Barranco Ruiz, on the side of the C-820, along a cobbled path which starts at about 370m to the left of the hermitage 2.

Interesting details
San Juan de La Rambla
San Juan de La Rambla
The track follows an old Royal Road (Camino Real), which made communications along the coast easier, as well as the transport of sugarcane to the sugar mills and of the final product to the ports of Garachico and Puerto de la Orotava.

Masses of Canary Islands tamarisks (Tamarix Canariensis).


Barranco de Ruiz.


Chapel of El Rosario. Traditional houses.


Protected site of Los Campeches, Tigaiga y Ruiz. Useful telephone numbers Island Tourist Information Centre 922 340 600 S. Juan de La Rambla Local Police 922 350 155 Red Cross 922 281 800 City/Highway Police 922 810 618 TITSA (Bus company) 922 531 300

Route details
Position Borough of San Juan de la Rambla
Start point Las Aguas
End point El Rosario or Zona Recreativa Barranco Ruiz
Distance 1,6 Km. approx.
Duration 1 h. 30 min.
Difficulty Low
Accessibility TITSA bus routes
Slope 100 mts. approx.
Votos(s): 7. Resultado: 3.29