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Network of Forestry Trails


A project for enjoying the mountainside along traditional trails. The Cabildo Insular de Tenerife or Island Council is designing a network of trails in accordance with the international regulations of the European Ramblers’ Associations (ERA), which have been approved or are pending approval by the Spanish Mountain Sports Federation (FEDME).
In the coming years, Tenerife’s forestry trails will be a great leisure option for nature lovers.
You can find basic information about this new network ("Walking Map") under Downloads.


All the trails in this network are approved or pending approval. In order to achieve this distinction, routes have been carefully designed and prepared.
Each trail will also be fully waymarked with standardised, user-friendly signage, and a topo guide will be made available to pack away into a rucksack.
The approved trails are marked with their own simple signage code, which is part of an attempt to unify trail signage criteria throughout Europe.

Vertical Signage

All trails will have informative panels located at the recommended start of an excursion. Signage in the form of vertical signs will be placed at the main crossroads indicating the destination and remaining distance in each case.
Each approved trail will have an accompanying topo guide—a leaflet containing a map of the trail, alternative routes and detours—in addition to basic information to ensure safe trekking and extra contents for a better quality visit.
Types of Trails

Trails are identified by letters and a number. There are three main types of trails:

GR or Great Route, which takes more than a day to cover.
PR or pequeño recorrido, indicating a short route less than 50 Km long that can be covered in a day.
SL or local trail, less than 10 Km long, which links longer trails or takes in short local loops.

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Approved Trails
Approved Trails