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San Cristobal La Laguna

There is a large number of archaeological sites within the borough: El Becerril, Barranco del Milán, Barranco de Agua, Barranco de Dios, etc.

For cultural visits, we recommend you walk around the streets of La Laguna; there is so much to see it is difficult to describe a single route. You will find stately homes, like those of Los Adelantados, El Corregidor, Lercaro, San Martin, Alvarado-Bracamonte, Bigot, Salazar, Van Damme, Ossuna, Montañés, Mustelier, Los Jesuitas, Mesa, Suárez, Peraza de Ayala, etc.

You can also admire the religious buildings. Building first started on the current cathedral, formerly the Los Remedios parish church, in the early 16th century, although the current building works date from the beginning of the 20th century. It contains valuable art objects, like the processional bier, the Jueves Santo monument and the beautiful marble pulpit.

The parish church of La Concepción, also early 16th century, with interesting Gothic and plataresque details, has a processional bier, figures and paintings, some from the workshop of Luján Pérez and Fernando Estévez.

The Hospital Real de Nuestra Señora de los Dolores, the church of San Agustin, the parish church of Santo Domingo (former Dominican convent), the convent of San Miguel de Las Victorias (that holds the highly worshipped Cristo de La Laguna and was the second church build in the city), the Santa Clara convent, the San Diego del Monte convent, etc.

Apart from all these, there is also a large number of hermitages. A visit to La Laguna is a visit to a world where art, beauty and majesty are within your sight.

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