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Santa Cruz de Tenerife

There are many signs of its pre-Hispanic past to be found in the borough: Anaga, Taganana, Hoya Fria are all points where finds have been made of cave dwellings, a tagoror (meeting place for tribal chiefs or kings) burial grounds and settlements. Other archaeological sites include Taco, Añaza and Barranco de Benijo.

The numerous artistic treasures to be found in Santa Cruz de Tenerife will delight the visitor seeking beautiful cultural manifestations. The streets are decorated with beautiful buildings and the squares and gardens hold lovely adornments.

You can visit the 17th century San Juan castle, an important link in the city's coastal defences. The Regla church was built to cover the religious needs of the castle garrison.

The San Telmo church was founded in the mid 16th century, property of the fishermen's guild and the Hospital de Nuestra Señora de los Desamparados, the 19th century work of Oráa, was built on the site of the old hospital founded by the Logman brothers in the 18th century.

Another interesting church is La Concepción, the current building is mainly 17th and 18th century, although it was first built around 1500. It has an important collection of art inside.

The Carta mansion, built by Captain Matías Rodríguez Carta en 1721, conserves the patio, a fine example of Canary Island domestic architecture.

The church of San Francisco, 17th and 18th century, was the church of the San Pedro de Alcántara Franciscan convent. There is now a lovely Eladio Laredo building (1849) on the site. The Recova Vieja and the Canary Island Parliament Building are by the same artist.

Santa Cruz also has beautiful sculptures on display in the streets and boulevards and important museums of Fine Arts, Nature and Mankind and the Regional Military History Museum.

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