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Tenerife Walking Festival

May 21st to 25th, 2019
Tenerife Walking Festival will take place from May 21st to 25th, 2019. This is an open event to hikers from all over the continent, combining different types of hikes and trails and original supplementary activities. A great event to be enjoyed with your usual hiking group, with your family and children or even on your own.
Tenerife is a well-known tourist destination in Europe, receiving millions of visitors every year who come to experience its countless attractions. Tenerife’s varied landscape and spring temperature (with an average temperature of 23 degrees centigrade) make it an ideal destination to go hiking, with over 1,500 kilometres of trails.
Apart from hiking, the festival will let you share your experiences at the participants’ meeting point.
Tenerife Walking Festival is organised by Cabildo Insular de Tenerife (the Council of Tenerife) through Turismo de Tenerife (Council of Tourism of Tenerife), the European Ramblers’ Association (ERA), Federación Española de Deporte y Montaña de Escalada (Spanish Mountain Sports and Climbing Federation, FEDME) and FECAMON (Canary Islands Mountaineering Federation).

More information: http://www.tenerifewalkingfestival.com/

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