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Buenavista del Norte

The Teno Rural Park covers much of the borough, encompassing a series of areas of great interest. Los Acantilados in the north west and south west - Acantilados de los Gigantes - which fall several hundred metres down to the sea - form an area of enormous scenic value where you can appreciate how the massif was formed.

Ravines, such as the Masca ravine, carve deep into the massif, creating a high-walled canyon. At the head of the canyon, houses and allotments cling to the vertical crags.

The coastal sector, in Teno Bajo, has excellent examples of spurge scrub, with many signs of the original inhabitants of the island.

There are also relicts of laurel forest in the better conserved higher areas of the borough.

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Barranco de Masca
Barranco de Masca