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La Guancha

The most interesting area is undoubtedly the high mountain area, where the Corona Forestal nature park is located. This is an important forest mass of Canary Island pine.

A narrow strip of the borough also falls within the boundaries of the Teide National Park. This is the area around the Montaña Abejera and Montaña Negra volcanic mouths. There is an area of summer camps in the Arena ravine. To get there, you take a dirt track off the road from La Guancha to the Forestry Centre. The dirt track is about 8 Km. long.

The Sendero del agua (the water trail) follows the route of the many gallery channels of the borough. It runs through an area of virgin forest. It starts from the La Guancha Forestry Centre and takes you as far as Pinalete. The walk takes about an hour and a half.The Pinalete Recreation Park has grills for barbecues, picnic tables and drinking water. The recreation area itself is about 10 metres from the church of San Antonio Abad and a water gallery. There is also a restaurant next to the park that serves typical local dishes.

Another nature site is Charco del Viento (pool) in the village of Santa Catalina. It is a natural pool, with crystal clear waters that is ideal for diving and fishing.

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Barranco de La Arena, La Guancha
Barranco de La Arena, La Guancha