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The entire northern sector of the borough, and part of the west, - the Adeje pine forest - falls within the boundaries of the Cumbres Nature Park. It is an area of outstanding pine forests, although you can also find other endemic plants and interesting fauna. It is also of great scenic and geomorphic interest.

There is a recreation area at Las Lajas. You can get to it along the C821, from Vilaflor to Las Cañadas del Teide, at Km. 58.

There are two magnificent examples of Pinus canariensis growing on Lomo Blanco. They are known as "Pino Gordo" and "Pino de la Madre del Agua" These ancient trees are sixty and seventy metres high respectively, with a circumference of 11 and 8 metres.

To the east, there is a small sector that is included in the Montaña de Las Coloradas Protected Area. This is a partially eroded volcanic structure in the middle of farm lands, mainly abandoned, where you can see pine forest and other vegetation that has replaced the pines.

There is a small area in the south west, on the boundary with Adeje and Barranco del Infierno, that is interesting from a geological and scenic point of view, as well as acting as a refuge for many different endemic plants and a variety of fauna.

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