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Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The Anaga Rural Park is an extensive protected area with high environmental value. The ancient massif offers a rich variety of rocks, dykes, forms of relief inversion, ridges, sedimentary deposits, raised beaches, spectacular cliffs and much more.

Apart from the geomorphic variety, it also provides shelter for a rich variety of plant species, with one of the most representative examples of laurel forest in both Tenerife and the Canary Islands.

Spurge scrub, juniper groves and the ever scarce dragon trees, clinging to the most inaccessible crags (e.g. Roque de las Animas), also form an important part of the flora. Along with the flora, the area is also rich in fauna, with many different species of birds. In some cases, such as the sea birds, this area is their nesting ground. Another attractive aspect of the area is the traditional human activity here, with many terraces and picturesque hamlets.

There are places of natural interest throughout the massif and its coastline. These include Roques de Anaga (form both the land and sea sides), which are witnesses to the erosion that has occurred here. They are now a refuge for endemic plants, sea birds and archaeological remains.

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Macizo de Anaga
Macizo de Anaga