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Guía de Isora

A small sector of the extreme westerly part of the Teide National Park is within the borough boundaries. This part of Las Cañadas includes some ancient cedars that cling to the rocks of Montaña and Los Roques.

The Chachora or Montaña Nueva volcano last erupted in 1798, although it is better known as Las Narices del Teide (Teide's nose).

The Corona Forestal Nature Park surrounds the National Park, defining an area of pine forest, along with broom scrub. Chío is a recreation area and camp site (permits from the Department of the Environment of the Island Cabildo). You can reach this area along the road from Chío to Las Cañadas, Km 12.5 (Boca de Tauce Road).

The long Erques ravine, which runs down from the mountain peaks, and the coastal cliffs, next to the mouth of the ravine, constitute a very complete natural area that is rich in biological features.

Another protected natural area of great interest is Montaña de Tejina.

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Barranco de Erques, Guía de Isora
Barranco de Erques, Guía de Isora