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Santa Úrsula

The whole of the high mountain area is classed as part of the Laderas de Santa Ursula, Los Organos and the Altos del Valle de Güimar Nature Park, which is an area of enormous environmental and scenic value. It contains interesting geomorphic features and a vegetation of wax myrtle and tree heath, giving way to Canary Island pines and sticky broom and white broom. There are many endemic plants to be found here, and the fauna is interesting too.

There is a recreation area at Las Lagunetas, which can be reached from Santa Ursula, following the road towards La Corujera along the track to La Candelaria.

The whole coastal area is part of the Acantilados del Sauzal and Tacoronte Nature Area, which spreads far beyond both boroughs. The fury of the sea has carved these beautiful giant cliffs, exposing their internal structure. They have been formed by an accumulation of successive lava flows. Apart from endemic plant species, the area is a sanctuary and breeding ground for sea birds like shearwaters.

 Laderas de Santa Úrsula
Laderas de Santa Úrsula