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The Corona Forestal Nature Park covers the upper part of the borough. This includes large expanses of pine forests and the area affected by the lava flows of 1706.

The old coastal cliffs, which run into the neighbouring boroughs, constitute a protected area because of their natural value. Apart from the fact they form a spectacular landscape, they are also the habitat for much interesting flora and fauna.

The Roque de Garachico, witness to coastal erosion, is protected both for its typical ground level vegetation and its sea birds.

There is a recreation area and camp site in Arenas Negras. Access is via the C-820 road, Km 64 (Garachico - Icod - La Montañeta). To use the camp site, you need a permit from the Garachico Town Hall (tel.: +34 922 830 000).

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Arenas Negras, Garachico
Arenas Negras, Garachico